ACL Lecture Series

The ACL Lecture Series offers a new way of looking at exciting and transformative ideas. Whether it's philosophy, literature, or an insight into creative careers, you will be able to engage with thinking about ideas that shape the world around us. From the insights of great thinkers and writers, to the power of photography, and positive thought, these lectures offer ideas worth thinking about. All of the lectures include complementary tea and coffee. Our Autumn ACL Lecture Series has now finished. Over 70 people attended and found the experience extremely beneficial. Many have gone on to enrol on further ACL courses. New and exciting topics are being planned for the New Year and will be available to view and enrol onto shortly.


ACL Essex _The Art of the PossibleExistentialism, Freedom & Cocktails in Paris As part of The Art of the Possible Festival, we are giving you the chance to join us at ACL Brentwood for a lecture on Existentialism, Freedom, and Cocktails in Paris. Get ready to be taken on a philosophical journey, delving into the depths of our existence, starting of course on the Left Bank of Paris. The purpose of philosophy is to disrupt, transform, and open up the world. It is Existentialism, perhaps more than any other philosophical school, which has sought to do this and tackle the question of existence in the modern age. In this lecture we will be introduced to Existentialist philosophers like Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Sartre and Beauvoir. Those thinkers who have produced seismic philosophies that enable us to question the world we are in, and offer us the means to face it head on through many different creative ways. Everyday life will never be quite the same again. Book now