Financial Support

ACL Essex is reminding residents that there is government funding available for learners who are keen to boost their qualifications and achieve their educational goals but are in need of some financial assistance to support their studying. For those studying accredited courses funding can contribute towards the cost of travel, educational visits, books and equipment, as well as childcare.

Click here to download the Childcare Support Fund Application form

Click here to download the Application For 19+ Financial Support 2018/19

While qualifying criteria applies, the following funds are available:

  • The Discretionary Learning Support Fund and Community Learning Fund can assist learners who may be struggling with finances and can be used to help with childcare, study resources and transport
  • The 16-18 Discretionary Fund for learners who are aged 16-18 as at 31 August 2016 (help with the cost of lunch may also be available)
  • The Bursary Fund for non-accredited courses for learners who are 19+ as at 31 August 2016 (help with fees is only available if you have paid the full fee)