Modern Foreign Languages

We offer a wide range of language courses suitable for all abilities.Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Polish

Whether you're planning your holidays, need a language for your job or to help you get a new career, buying a property abroad or going to live in a foreign country, learning the language is key to your enjoyment and success.

We have language courses for beginners through to advanced learners. Complete our languages diagnostic test to find out what level you are at.

Many of our learners have used their newly acquired language skills to great effect... some have found working opportunities in the UK or established international friendships. Others have even migrated abroad following their studies with us, to live and work.

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British Sign Language (BSL), Lip Reading and Makaton

Why learn BSL?

  • It's easier than you think
  • It can open up opportunities
  • It can help your children
  • You never know when you might need it

Who uses Makaton?

  • People with learning or communication difficulties
  • Mainstream schools
  • People looking after young children and babies
  • All of us

Why learning Lip-Reading?

Lipreading is a vital communication skill for people who are deaf or hard of hearing that can help tackle isolation. It is widely recognised that lipreading can help people of all ages, with any degree of hearing loss to communicate better.

Lipreading classes are designed to give people the confidence and skills to positively tackle the isolation experienced by people with hearing loss.

British Sign Language (BSL)

lip reading course