Mental Health Awareness Week

It’s mental health awareness week! We think it is important to get people talking about their mental health experiences to aid recovery and improve wellbeing. Having a mental health difficulty or illness and feeling too ashamed to talk about it makes the problem worse. That’s one of the reasons why ACL wanted to give people the opportunity to join small friendly groups, to learn support strategies and talk to like minded people.

Mental Health Awareness Week

Some of the courses available are building self-confidence, taking back control, managing anxiety and health & wellbeing. Recently we spoke to one of our students who took part in some of these mental health recovery classes at ACL.

What mental health recovery courses did you do at ACL?

“I did building self-confidence, health & wellbeing, taking back control and next steps.”

What were the most useful things you learned?

“Personal development and the tools to cope with anxiety and depression. Self-confidence improvement and getting a better understanding of mental health with the link to looking after yourself physically.”

Have you experienced any positive changes since doing the courses?

“Definitely!! More self-confident, more relaxed and calm (a number of people have said I appear calmer too). I’m thinking clearer and not as stressed out. Also I’m sleeping better and paying attention to what I eat. Self-help tools are useful when anxious or feeling depressed and I have a much better understanding of how and why to look after myself physically.” 

What would you say to anyone thinking about starting a mental health recovery course?

“I would definitely recommend the courses. The tutors (Hazel and Carley) are brilliant and share their knowledge in an understanding, empathetic and motivating way. Well worth doing, the self-development is a wonderful feeling and I have learned way more than I expected.”

If you would like support with your mental health, search for a course here