ACL Essex English and Maths courses

Sound familiar?
Whatever your reason to improve your English or Maths, ACL can help! Our courses are free* and start from beginners to GCSEs. You can learn in the classroom or online. You must be 19 or older to apply.

If you need support with English or Maths, complete the contact form below. Returned calls will be displayed as 03330 or on some occasions appear withheld on your mobile phone.   If we are unsuccessful in getting back to you, please call 0345 603 7635 to secure a place on an assessment.

If you are at the required standard and are looking to enrol straight onto a GCSE course, you can find out which subjects are available here. (Full GCSEs start in September and Fast Track courses are available in January or our first ever intensive course starting in May 2019).

English and Maths courses are free* to applicants who do not currently hold a Level 2 or above in the relevant subject.
*T&Cs apply